Sunday, March 22, 2009


As i look up everywhere

the branched ceiling filters with care

changes everything in sight

for a moment i lose myself in the light

watch swirls as they collide

they're but a simple phenomenon

an understatement of the storm inside

as the light slowly subsides and darkness presides

i marvel as i realise the beauty they both create in this transition of space and time

i know them both well enough

they're part of me eveyday it's the same old game

who'll win over the slave

i lose myself again in the swirls of dark and light

as each hurricane collides

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Im getting really tired of listening to you breathing

theres a lot i want to say theres not much to my feelings

i look at the sky and i am reminded of you

every storm comes from this blue clarity

the tears fall freely i disguise them as rain

as my hands start trembling with hate i wonder if this is it?

when i break down and confess

but the silence still persists i quieten myself to it's likeness

ignore every meaning of this abscence

thinking maybe another million seconds will lead somewhere

i exhale a murmur of all the whispers

a quiet repetition i don't want to remember

the wind brushes across my lips taunting me for sealing them

for my own sake i crawl back into bed but i don't touch you nor do i want to

your eyelids flutter i know they're weary of sleeping next to me

the old fear comes back again of aother blue pair leaving with tears

this time i ignore my conscience no longer

i reach out my gentle touch awakens you

i'm lost this is'nt what i expected

"what's the matter?"

"i could'nt sleep"

you pull me closer your warmth comforts me

we stay this way for a while

"feeling better?"


the sky somehow likes muddy brown as you look into my own you don't frown

all you say is "i know"

your not lying i can tell you amaze me everytime i'm overwhelmed

you could never hate me

butterfly kisses is what you leave me with

a simple trance and there's no waking

we fall into our dreams again


I watch the clouds change

As i crumple another paper

It begins to rain

In my head I hear thunder

Is it the same?

The resemblance makes me think so

My wary hand knocks the bottle

My hair now covered in ink

The claps get louder

Illuminated by light

I wonder is it the same?

My imagination picks up

The dustbins an overflowing well

All those papers were filled with tear-stained pain

We both cry

That is where are likeness ends

As you transcend ino calm

I wait for yet another storm to wake

Another cloud crumples away

my soul with it taken

I watch it is my fate.