Monday, December 14, 2009

Pain claws it's way out
Heart to face
Pain does not make you ugly
it only creates an ugly mask for you to hide behind
Another excuse to be shy
Another excuse to say your depressed
"Have heart my dear
we're bound to be afraid"
But i'm not she said
i'm not afraid to be hurt for your sake
Afterall my feelings are my problems
you need not concern yourself with them
But you are what i feel
and you are making yourself a problem
not in my eyes, but in your own
that hurts more than i can say
The words play in my head
and bubble close to my lips
Love is'nt some arrow from cupid
it's more like a bite from a rabid dog
Your crazy, everything inside you foams at your lips
Your afaid of water
Even if you can't see me right now
I feel you, closer than before
I remember, more than you'd like me to
That is all i could ever hope to do
In these last moments of madness
my last memories of you.