Thursday, March 13, 2008

comfort sucks

I'm at a loss
i cant tell you anything
i dont feel anything
you want me to share your pain
how can i when you dont want to explain
you dont seem to understand
im just human
there's only so much i can stand
im not the saviour you make me out to be
i gave you everything
my love,pain and fears
all the secrets and tears
you'd always understand
coz i explained it allbefore hand
you want me to show what you never tried
it's all in your mind
you cant live alone forever
lean on me today
let me help you along the way

Sunday, March 9, 2008

the corpse

I am the corpse

with nothing inside

is this a feeling or is it a lie?

no one will answer or explain

the reasons for the pain

like everything it comes and goes

does it leave an imprint upon my soul?

i cant keep it in my heart forever

it'll escape in some form or another

the one i need is not here

even when approached her answer is unclear

does she really understand?or is she another spectator in the stands?

i know the answer i cant lie

i am afraid of what it implies

there are 2 options equally hard

to remain a corpse and surrender my heart

the other isnt funny at all

it is to remain invisible and oblivious to all

to live in my own world

but the question still stands

which one should i take?

to lose my soul or believe in fate

till the choice is made i'll be here in the middle

the corpse with nothing inside.