Monday, May 25, 2009

The chimes make no sense
Paper swirls and no one notices the ballerina inside
"you make walking in converse look like ballet"
Why don't your compliments make me shy?
no one ever noticed me like you
Buses caught and people flee like they know i'm not safe
dust rises higher than i've ever seen
Cover me just let me be, let mothers sheild their children's eyes
lower your head if you want to swear
no one catches you that way
Is it safe to look up?
i'm paranoid and i know it
can i help it you took my sanity and left
I should curse you for it
call down every blasphemy
I should hate you
but i don't.........why?
Am i supposed to overcome this?
i don't get it?
Do you feel the same way?
Is this turmoil mandatory before satisfaction? will i be more satisfied?
do i need it?
Self destruction feels more romantic than all the dried roses i kept
this ranting seems to go nowhere
In circles around my own head
I realise what i'm
there's no one to shout at, no one to blame
no one to make up with ......
I can't believe it.
the very words that made me drive you away seem so much clearer.