Saturday, March 21, 2009


Im getting really tired of listening to you breathing

theres a lot i want to say theres not much to my feelings

i look at the sky and i am reminded of you

every storm comes from this blue clarity

the tears fall freely i disguise them as rain

as my hands start trembling with hate i wonder if this is it?

when i break down and confess

but the silence still persists i quieten myself to it's likeness

ignore every meaning of this abscence

thinking maybe another million seconds will lead somewhere

i exhale a murmur of all the whispers

a quiet repetition i don't want to remember

the wind brushes across my lips taunting me for sealing them

for my own sake i crawl back into bed but i don't touch you nor do i want to

your eyelids flutter i know they're weary of sleeping next to me

the old fear comes back again of aother blue pair leaving with tears

this time i ignore my conscience no longer

i reach out my gentle touch awakens you

i'm lost this is'nt what i expected

"what's the matter?"

"i could'nt sleep"

you pull me closer your warmth comforts me

we stay this way for a while

"feeling better?"


the sky somehow likes muddy brown as you look into my own you don't frown

all you say is "i know"

your not lying i can tell you amaze me everytime i'm overwhelmed

you could never hate me

butterfly kisses is what you leave me with

a simple trance and there's no waking

we fall into our dreams again


The Dream Goddess said...

i really love this one! GET IT PUNCUATED for heavensake!