Friday, April 10, 2009


"If you love me why don't you let me know?"
Chris i want to yell why can't you just stop asking all these questions
I satisfy myself momentarily in the swiftness of the breeze
hoping whatever i'm looking for will come easily
i don't smile this time i know the answer
again i distract myself from u
this time im surrounded by people who don't know me
is it worth it? to pretend im one of them
to pretend i have no idea you exist and try to be happy
i suppose the difference shows
it's not that easy to unlove someone
especially if that someone is you
i don't know why im trying so hard
but something tells me it's what i should do
if im right about this why do i need to convince myself?
"if you love me why don't you let me go?"
it's irony that someone's 3 minute song
makes me believe what im doing is right
but if i let myself think this is the answer
should i take into consideration the small percent that says we could try to be happy
am i too in to my own head?
i don't know .....but how can i be when all i think about is you?
my problem is'nt obsessed with you
who you are, who you think you are, why do you think that way?
why do i think this way?
this is so complicated! why can't i believe we're not meant to be
i realize i've come to think of you as a little lab monkey
i snap my fingers and you do a somersault
i could'nt ever really love you enough as a partner
an equal someone i'd share my calculations with
your like an insanely boring telly show
one im addicted to becoz i can't figure you out
the kinds where you wouldnt give a shit what happened if you were in your right senses
but that's precisely the problem im not in my right senses
this is where the confusion comes in
do you know the question im about to ask?
i bet you do .
chris could'nt help me so i turn to amy
"love is a losing game"
are you supposed to lose? is that what it's about?
give something up for somebody and be happy in this selfless glory
again im thinking too deep
this is where my fight always ends
i give up trying to give you up
i wish i could turn off my brain
just like the lights i hate
into the darkness of my room it dissipates
just like the meaning of love
or at least loving you
i know niether head nor tail.