Friday, April 17, 2009


I let the tune play till there and then answer.
"Hey , _ _ _ _ _"
The moment I say your name the lights go off.
"Your a really bad omen!"
"What?! Why?"
"Because the lights went off I don't have an inverter and I hate candles, so overall ,I'm a little pissed."
"Don't take it out on me"
"Why not?You my beloved _ _ _ _ _ are the sole reason I have been plunged into complete darkness!"
" are so melodramatic"
"Why did you call me ? coz if you called just to call me names I'll hang up!"
"I can think of tons of things to do in the dark!"
"Like what?"
"Reading a book , listening to crickets , staring at stars........"
"Wait a minute , how am i supposed to read a book in the dark ?"
"My 18 th century lover, you get ibooks now where books can be stored on an ipod , i swear it's embarassing."
"Oh shut up! I don't think I'd fancy reading from a miniscule screen and go blind"
"That would be terrific!"
"Huh! are you crazy? you think it'd be funny to see me bumping into things all the time ."
"No. I just think it would be nice to have an excuse to hold your hand all time.Plus with all the the shades you could wear we'd look so hot together."
"I wish i could hold your hand right now......"
"You are."
"Earth to _ _ _ _ _ I'm holding the phone , you are not my phone , or at least i don't think you are"
"Since when was your name ' Earth' , I just don't get it. And we are I suppose holding our phones so we are are kinda connected so we are kinda holding hands ."
"I like the way you think ."
"Me too"
"You know there are other things people do in the dark"
"Oh we've progressed from me being alone to someone with me?"
"I'm hoping that somebody's me"
"You bet it's you, who else would i whisper and giggle with who else would i snuggle and cuddle with? if it is'nt you , it's not the same."
"I wish i could scribble my favourite phrase in the sky. Join the stars like dots and make little hearts"
"Is that all you think of?Love?"
"I don't care if you think that's stupid.I just do"
"I don't think it's stupid. Love is the only thing worth thinking of"
"I'm glad you echo my sentiments"
"So where are you my little mushy-cushy?"
"I love the name . I'm 3 doors away from you"
"What ?"
I run to the front door to find my tech-savvy, mushy-cushy, starry-eyed lover.
He takes my hand in his.
"Incredibly. You drove all the way here just to hold my hands."
"Actually i was hoping it could be a little game of joining the dots"
how do you know when i need you?
I pull you into a tight embrace, liking the feel of you and me.
This is incomparable ecstasy . I can't believe this is how I feel just after a hug.


The Dream Goddess said...

ahh..intresting conversation..cliched..but intresting!